Understanding the Omega-6 to the Omega-3 Ratio

Store shelves are full of unnecessary nutritional supplements and among the most useless, and potentially dangerous, are those that supplement omega-6. We have far too much omega-6 in our diet already. Tens of thousands of years ago our hunter-gatherer ancestors were consuming these healthy fats at a ratio of about 1:1. With the implementation of [...]

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Can Butter Be Better?

Saturated fats, the best known being butter, have been vilified as unhealthy food for many years. They have been targeted as the cause of heart disease and the biggest reason for weight gain. In one of the worst dietary mistakes of our time, health officials and advertisements advise us to choose man-made substitutes stamped with [...]

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Benefits of Exercise Outdoors

Even though the warm weather is finally here many of us still find it difficult to resist the allure of the gym – climate controlled, convenient and predictable. Emerging science however, suggests that the benefits of regular exercise (improved heart health, stress management, weight control, a decreased risk of chronic disease and dementia, and that's [...]

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The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D, commonly called "the sunshine vitamin" plays an important role in almost every area of the body, including heart, skin, prostate, breast and kidney health. It bolsters the immune system and helps prevent dementia. How much do we require on a daily basis? Doctors and researchers generally recommend 200 international units (IU) for children, [...]

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